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A while ago I completed a project to read all four standard works.  Yet, as I finished I found that I had not really gained that much from my reading other than the satisfaction of knowing I had read them.  I got into the habit of just reading without really thinking about what I was reading or trying to apply it to myself.  In an effort to change this, I decided to change my scripture study plan to acheive three goals:

  • Increase faith in the gospel
  • Increase my factual knowledge of doctrine
  • Motivate myself to make real change in my life

Part of acheiving those goals is to write up both what I have learned and how I can apply that to myself.  And, since I’m writing it up anyway I might as well share it online.

And it seems to be working!  By actually writing about what I learn each day and trying to apply it to my real life, I find that I really am increasing real knowledge about doctrine, increasing my faith in the gospel, and am making real changes in my life.

The only way this could get better is by including other people.  If I can get feedback from others about their experiences or knowledge about a topic, then we can all benefit.

Thank you so much for reading my blog.  If you have anything to share, just drop a comment.


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