Worlds Without Number

Reading: Moses 1:33

Today I’m taking a little break to post about something a little less spiritual than normal.

My husband and I have been watching Defying Gravity lately, which is a show about astronauts on a long term mission to visit various planets in the galaxy. This is a wonderful example of great writing in television, with deep characters and an interesting story. It shows what great science fiction can be like.

In the latest episode the crew encounters a previously unknown lifeform.  I became really annoyed, however, when the one Christian member of the crew seems to become unstable because she can’t handle the challenge this lifeform presents to her beliefs.  The woman retreats to her bible and goes into denial about some of the facts about the encounter. I can’t fault the writers too much because this seems to be how all religious characters (especially Christians) act in these kind of shows.  Yet, this annoys me because I feel it is an unfair and completely inaccurate portrayal of how I, or most religious people I know, would react to such  discovery.

Mormons, especially, openly believe that there is life out there other than the life on our planet. In Moses 1:33 it says:

And worlds without number have I created; and I also created them for mine own purpose; and by the Son I created them, which is mine Only Begotten.

Also, I cannot speak to other religous groups’ beliefs, but I find nothing in the bible that truly cancels out the idea that God, the creator of all the life on our planet, could not have also created life somewhere else in a similar way. If science were to reveal some form of life on another planet, it would only serve to confirm my faith in God. I would celebrate such a discovery as much as anyone else.

This is yet another faucet of the incorrect idea that religion and science are mutually exclusive.  Although a small, but vocal, minority of religious people feel that they have to fight science, the vast majority of religious people embrace science as wonderful addition to our culture and lifestyles.  Unfortunately, the media likes to focus on the small group that creates the most controversy.  I hope that people realize that not all religious believers fit into this narrow, and sometimes extreme, stereotype.


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  1. Vicky on

    Wow i love Google even more now. I wanted to show a friend of mine that particular passage cause he was going on about how I can’t believe in other life cause I believe in god. This ws a nice way to show him how wrong he is…

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