Comment Policy

I greatly appreciate your taking your time to read my blog and would love to get your comments. However, I have a definite idea of what I would like my blog to be, and in order to protect my blog from turning into a battle ground I reserve the right to only allow comments that are:

  • Positive
  • Pertinent (on-topic)
  • Polite

If you can word your comment so that it contains these three attributes I will do my best to post it even though I may not agree with what you are saying.

I would love to get input from people of other faiths, so if you have something to add please do so!  Just remember your “p’s”.

If you are interested in debating the pros and cons of Mormonism, religion, or the policies of the Mormon church I invite you do so on one of the many hundred other blogs that are more geared towards that purpose.


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