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A Prophet of God

Reading: “Welcome to Conference,” President Thomas S. Monson, April 2010 General Conference, Saturday Morning Session

Every time I have the opportunity to listen to conference I come away inspired and uplifted. We get to listen to a prophet for our times, and many others who all have received inspiration to talk to us about things we need to hear. In his introduction to conference President Monson said,

Now, brothers and sisters, we have come here to be instructed and inspired. . . Many messages, covering a variety of gospel topics, will be given during the next two days. Those men and women who will speak to you have sought heaven’s help concerning the messages they will give.

Modern revelation is a great thing. Not only do we believe in God, but we also believe he speaks to us today through a prophet and directly to us through the Spirit. I would have a hard time believing in a God who stopped talking to his people many years ago, when we are so plainly in need of his help.

What does it mean to you to have a prophet speak to you? What has the prophet said, in this last conference or otherwise, that has been of particular help to you?


Inspired of God

Reading: “Welcome to Conference,” President Thomas S. Monson, October 2009 General Conference, Saturday Morning Session

It’s that time again! For the past two conferences I have enjoyed writing about each of the conference talks, and so I am planning on doing the same thing again starting today for the October conference.  Today I read President Monson’s welcome to conference, where one quote in particular stood out:

Those who will address us have sought heaven’s help and direction as they have prepared their messages. They have been impressed concerning that which they will share with us. That we may be filled with the Spirit of the Lord as we listen and learn is my prayer.

Last Sunday in Sunday School we had a discussion about how lucky we are to have inspired guidance by the prophets.  After the many times I have felt the Spirit touch me as I listen to General Conference, I know that the speakers sincerely seek the inspiration of God as they prepare their talks.  This year we had a big event that kept us from watching most of conference live, so I am excited to get to read what each person had to say as I review this last conference.

What were your favorite moments of conference? If you had to pick a particular talk to review, which would you pick?

Parting Advice From the Prophet

Reading: “Until We Meet Again,” President Thomas S. Monson, April 2009 General Conference, Sunday Afternoon Session

Today I am summarizing the final talk from April’s General Conference, which consists of the parting comments from President Monson.  Traditionally this isn’t so much of a prepared talk as it is a short summary of what the prophet wants us to hear.  So, today I’m just including a list of the things that President Monson said that stood out to me:

  • Study the conference addresses and apply them in your life
  • The first presidency and the quorum of the twelve apostles give great service to the church
  • Strive to live closer to the Lord
  • Pray always
  • Parents, tell your children you love them and pray for them
  • Children, tell your parents you love them
  • The internet can be a tool for great good and the church uses the internet for many good things
  • The internet can also be used to access bad things, especially pornography. Guard against that use.
  • Attend the temple often.
  • The church’s humanitarian service efforts have blessed many both in and out of the church

I love hearing from the prophet.  He guides us in a time of uncertainty.  We cannot count on any world leader, political figure, self-help guru, or authority like we can count on the prophet to lead us in the right way.

Today I am going to pray for help to continue to apply what I have learned in this general conference as I go on and face life’s many challenges.

What did the prophet say that stood out the most to you?  What talk at general conference was especially meaningful to you?

GPS For the Soul

Reading: “Gifts to Help Us Navigate Our Life,” Elder Jose A. Teixera of the Seventy, April 2009 General Conference, Sunday Afternoon Session

As we travel we have many tools that help us find our way.  We use maps and now we have GPS which can tell us exactly where we are at any time.  In order for GPS to work, though, it has to be linked up to the satellites that calculate your position.  Without that link your GPS is worthless.

Elder Teixera tells us that GPS is similar to many gifts of the Spirit we have to find our way through life.  These gifts include:

  • The light of Christ
  • The Holy Ghost
  • Prophets

Each of these things can help us find our way, but only if we pay attention to them and remain worthy of the Spirit’s assistance.  Elder Teixera tells us:

I testify that our Father in Heaven is mindful of each one of us, that He listens to and answers our prayers, and that He communicates with His prophets to guide us. As we develop our faith to believe and live the words of prophets, we will strengthen our testimony of the plan of happiness and the central role of Jesus Christ in it.

When I listen to the Holy Ghost and to the prophets it certainly helps me in my life.  Sometimes I get distracted, often by things that are good in their own right, but are inferior to listening to and following the Spirit.  When I remain humble and fix my attention on the Savior and what he would have me do I am always blessed.

Today I am going to pray for help listening to the Spirit’s prompting and staying focused on what God would have me focused on.

What role has these gifts played in your life?  What can you do to help keep your link with God?

God Speaks to Prophets

Reading: 2 Nephi 2:3-4

Something I never realized until I started this in-depth analysis of 2 Nephi Chapter 2 is that Jacob saw the Savior, in person, at a young age.  It says it right there:

Wherefore, I know that thou art redeemed, because of the righteousness of thy Redeemer; for thou hast beheld that in the fulness of time he cometh to bring salvation unto men. And thou hast beheld in thy youth his glory; wherefore, thou art blessed even as they unto whom he shall minister in the flesh.

One of the central teachings of our church is that God has revealed himself to prophets throughout history, and continues to do so today. Clearly, Jacob became a prophet to his people during and after Nephi’s lifetime. It is important for the member of any church to know that God is speaking to the leaders of said church.

Now, at this point I could go into a deep discussion of the role of prophets, the reasons why God can only reveal himself to worthy people, the fact that God and Jesus Christ have separate bodies, the importance of continuing revelation, and so on.  But, since this is a short-form blog, instead I’ll just say that we believe that God continues to speak to men today, just as he did to Jacob, and just as he did in the time of the Bible.  Here’s a video about it:

In my life, the belief that God speaks to men is central to my own belief in the gospel.  If I didn’t believe that God was speaking to the leaders of my church, what motivation would I have to follow them?

Today I am going to write in my journal about my testimony of prophets, exploring why it is that I have that testimony and why it is important.

What does the knowledge that God speaks to prophets mean to you?  How is your life different (or how would your life be different) because of this knowledge?

Words From a Prophet

Reading: “Until We Meet Again,” President Thomas S. Monson, October 2008 General Conference, Sunday Afternoon Session

Today I read the last of the talks from general conference.  I have really enjoyed reading all of the talks and am amazed at how much there is to learn and grow from just this single general conference alone.  I am greatful for the knowledge we are blessed with and look forward to many opportunities for growth as I try to live what I learn.

It is somewhat traditional for the prophet to give a farewell talk at the end of conference where he gives parting advice and encouragement to the church.  In this talk some interesting points told by President Monson are:

  • We should be good citizens of the countries and communities where we live, reaching out to people of every religion or non-religion.
  • We have many opportunities to help those in need.
  • Through the donations of church members the church is able to be among the first responders to disasters throughout the world.
  • Continuous revelation is a great blessing to us, and we are blessed to live in a time where we have so much of it.
  • Eternal life in the presence of God is our most important goal.

Today I was half listening to a TV show my husband was watching while eating lunch and the villain of the story was accused of being a “murderer and a false prophet.”  It made me reflect on how much damage a “false prophet” could do.  This made me even more greatful for our prophet, who leads us the way to go.  And, it is possible for each of us to know that President Monson is the true prophet of God by praying to God and testing the principles he teaches. The more I study and the more I try to live the gospel, the more certain I am that President Monson is a prophet of God.

I don’t really know much about President Monson’s life, so today I’m going to try to find a short biography of him online to read so that I know more about him.  [EDIT:  After writing this I found this website created by the church with a biography and many pictures and even a video.  The wikipedia article also has a more detailed biography. ]

What about President Monson’s final words stood out to you?  Or, how do you know that President Monson is a prophet of God?