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Leading the Youth

Reading: “Help Them On Their Way Home,” President Henry B. Eyring, First Cousnelor in the Presidency of the Church, April 2010 General Conference, Saturday Morning Session

Yesterday I wrote about Elder Ballard’s talk about mothers helping their (mostly) teenaged daughters. Today I am writing about Elder Eyring’s appeal to the general membership of the church to help all the youth. He says,

Brothers and sisters, our Heavenly Father wants and needs our help to bring His spirit children home to Him again. I speak today of young people already within His true Church and so are started on the strait and narrow way to return to their heavenly home. He wants them to gain early the spiritual strength to stay on the path. And He needs our help to get them back to the path quickly should they begin to wander.

The youth today face a great deal of temptation. I was only a youth 10 years ago, and I know that they have it much harder than I did. When I think of the temptations I faced as a youth, I am extremely greatful that I did not give into those temptations because it has made my life right now infinitely easier. Protected by good habits, a good marriage, and faith in God I feel secure and safe.  I hope that I can find ways to help other young people make it through that hard time of tempting choices.

What temptations did you face as a youth that you are glad you did not give in to? What can you do to help the youth in your life make good choices?


Fulfilling a Calling

Reading: “Revealed Quorum Principles,” Michael A. Neider, Recently Released Second Counselor in Young Men General Presidency, April 2009 General Conference, Saturday Morning Session

Today’s talk by Michael Neider is about quorum leaders in the Aaronic Priesthood, which includes young men ages 12-18.  At this point in time I cannot think of a demographic that I am more disconnected from.  My husband is a grown Melchizedek Priesthood holder, as are the rest of the men I am related to, and I currently do not have any sons, not even baby ones. So, as I read today I tried to look for things in his message I could apply to myself.  As I thought one message became clear: doing one’s best to fulfill a calling.

Just as the leaders of the young men and young women age groups can do much good with their work, we too can do great work in our seemingly small callings.  As Neider states:

My young brethren and sisters, you are powerful tools in the Savior’s hands, and He can use you to bring the blessings of the gospel to others. Bishops, do not overlook the strength and skill of your Aaronic Priesthood quorum and Young Women class presidencies. The Lord needs them in this important work. There are hearts they can reach and work perhaps only they can do. Give them assignments! Open doors for their leadership and the ministering of angels as promised in Doctrine and Covenants.

I remember being a president of young women classes in my youth.  The calling didn’t seem to expect much from me.  I might ask someone to say a prayer, or help organize some activities, but in general it was more of a title than an actual job.  As I’ve grown I’ve had a few callings that also didn’t ask much of me, such as birthday coordinator or visiting teaching supervisor. Neider encourages those with a traditionally small calling to step up and make something more of it, and asks the leadership of the ward to also give greater assignments and delegation to them.

Birthday coordinator especially stands out because I took upon myself to do something special for each birthday that I was in charge of.  I would often make cookies or cupcakes and bring a card to the birthday person.  As I did the extra work I had a lot of fun and felt better about my calling.  It also gave me a chance as a shy young person to get to know my ward a little better.

Right now we are in limbo between wards, so I don’t have a calling.  However, I’m realizing I left some loose ends on my callings in Colorado.  So, today I’m going to make a couple calls and make sure they’re all tied up.

Have you ever had a calling where you went beyond what was expected?  What can you do, or what are you doing now to fulfill your current calling?