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A Call to Arms

Reading: “The Power of the Priesthood,” President Boyd K. Packer of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, April 2010 General Conference, Saturday Morning Session

Reading this talk reminded me of how important it is to go back and review the talks given in General Conference. Somehow when I listened to this talk I missed the powerful call to arms for the Priesthood to protect and defend their families. President Packer states,

The priesthood does not have the strength that it should have and will not have until the power of the priesthood is firmly fixed in the families as it should be.

President Packer then goes on to explain that main role of the Priesthood is found in the home:

The ultimate end of all activity in the Church is that a man and his wife and their children might be happy at home, protected by the principles and laws of the gospel, sealed safely in the covenants of the everlasting priesthood.

I was moved by this talk to better support my husband in his Priesthood role.

What role has the Priesthood played in your home, now and/or in the past? What can you do to help strengthen the Priesthood at home, and in the church?



Reading: “A Father Indeed,” from MormonMessages Channel on, shown below

This past weekend we celebrated father’s day. Our church is very much focused on families, so it is always special to be reminded of how important our families are. The above video was put out by the church on the MormonMessages channel on YouTube. It’s a beatiful story of what it means to be a father.

Today I’m going to tell my husband how grateful I am for all that he does for our family. He loves being a father and it shows.

What have the fathers in your life done for you? What about your Heavenly Father?