Healing Through Jesus Christ

Reading: “Healing from Depression Through Jesus Christ,” Carrie Wrigley, 2005 BYU Education Week

One Feb 16 I gave birth to a wonderful little boy. So, for the past few months I’ve been focusing on that rather than my blog. Hopefully over the next few weeks I’ll be able to get back into the habit. Although my free time has greatly diminished, I love how much writing this blog brings the Spirit into my life.

Today I wanted to share a video I watched a while ago on the LDS Media Talk blog. In this video Sister Wrigley, a professional counselor, talks about using faith and study to overcome depression.  This video resonated with me because as I have lived with my own anxiety problems it is when I have combined my faith with a study of practical techniques that I have improved the most.  Often I find the one being reinforced by the other, as practical techniques increase my faith, and the Spirit helps motivate me to put into practice the practical techniques I have learned.

I remember about three years ago feeling completely overwhelmed by my anxiety, and wondering at the time if I would ever have a “normal” life. At the time I felt very distinctly the Spirit telling me that the Savior can heal all things, even my anxiety. It still took a lot of work and a lot of suffering and a lot of practice, but today I am having that wonderful “normal” life I longed for.  I have two children, and a wonderful family, and anxiety has a presence but it does not rule over my life like it used to.  It is  through doing what Sister Wrigley recommended – using faith and study – that I am able to say that today.

Have you ever had the experience where your spiritual experiences mingled with practical, worldly experiences to create something greater than either could be alone?


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