Saving Lives Through Teaching

Reading: “Teaching Helps Save Lives,” Russell T. Osguthorpe, Sunday School General President, October 2009 General Conference, Saturday Morning Session

When you go to visit the doctor, you go so that the doctor can share his knowledge with you and hopefully help you find answers to a problem.  In some circumstances that doctor can save your life with his knowledge.  As Elder Osguthorpe also points out in his talk, a gospel teacher can also save your life in much the same way. A good gospel teacher shares his or her knowledge so that you can find answers to your spiritual problems.

As a mother, I often think about how I should teach my children the gospel. Sometimes I feel like I have to come up with some list of important doctrine so that I make sure I don’t miss anything.  While such an activity might be useful, over and over again lately I feel like God is trying to tell me that the most important thing isn’t a formal system of instruction, but in inviting the Spirit and following its promptings.  Elder Osguthorpe quoted President Monson as saying:

The goal of gospel teaching . . . is not to ‘pour information’ into the minds of class members. . . . The aim is to inspire the individual to think about, feel about, and then do something about living gospel principles.

Elder Osguthorpe encourages us to follow the Spirit as we teach, and to show our students that we love them and really want them to learn what we have to teach.

What teachers in your life have had a special effect on you? What was it about them that touched you?


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