That Your Burdens May Be Light

Reading: “That Your Burdens May Be Light,” Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the Presidency of the Seventy, Saturday Morning Session, October 2009 General Conference

One of the purposes of life is for us to experience pain and suffering.  This does not mean that life should be miserable – but it does mean that there will be many times where we feel weighed down by heavy burdens.  In this talk Elder Clayton encourages us to endure our burdens and to seek the help of the Savior as we do so.  He says,

Through it all, the Savior offers us sustaining strength and support, and in His own time and way, He offers deliverance.

Elder Clayton then shared the story of the people of Alma the Younger who were taken as slaves by the Lamanites.  As they sought the Savior’s help their burdens were not taken away (at least at first) but they were given the strength they needed to endure.

Sometimes I wonder why I must struggle with the same problems over time. Although it seems like it would be so easy for them to just go away, they often do not.  As I continue to seek the help of the Lord, though, I am often greatly blessed with wisdom and strength that I may not have gained otherwise.  This talk helped me be more accepting of my burdens and helped me to recognize more the hand of the Lord helping me lift up those burdens.

How has God helped you with your burdens in the past? What helped you carry on while enduring trials that don’t go away as quickly as you would like?


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