Learning to Listen to the Spirit

Reading: “To Acquire Spiritual Guidance,” Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, October 2009 General Conference, Saturday Morning Session

In a time where life sometimes moves at lightning speeds, it is increasingly important for us to know how to follow spiritual promptings.  In his talk Elder Scott gives a primer on how to receive guidance from the Spirit.  His talk was full of more principles of personal revelation than I could discuss in a single blog post, but the one point that stood out to me was his specific advice on how to handle spiritual guidance when it is received. He said,

I believe that you can leave the most precious, personal direction of the Spirit unheard because you do not respond to, record, and apply the first promptings that come to you.

The Spirit has been a sweet companion at many times in my life, sometimes stronger than others.  As I think back to times where I felt the spirit especially strong, I remember doing a lot of writing in my journal and thinking about how to apply the promptings I received.  Without reading this talk I would think that this was simply a result of having more promptings to write and think about. Yet, after reading Elder Scott’s talk, I am thinking that maybe if I put more effort into listening to, writing about, and applying my spiritual promptings then I would feel that great spiritual outpouring again.

How do you react when you receive a spiritual prompting? What can you do to show your readiness to receive more guidance from the Spirit?


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