A Conversation That Could Be Happening Now

Reading: Alma 30

Today I read the story of Korihor, and was amazed and how similar the tenets of Korihor’s preaching are to what is taught today. Korihor was raised in the church of his time yet taught that there was no God. In the latter part of the chapter Alma refutes each of Korhior’s tenets. The following sums up the argument:

Korihor’s Point: There is no God and there is no Christ.

Alma’s Counterpoint: I know there is a God and I know there is a Christ through my personal testimony, and by looking around me at the world God has created. You have no evidence that there is no God.

Korihor’s Point: The Nephites are in bondage to the teachings of the church.

Alma’s Counterpoint: The people are free to believe whatever they wish, nothing is forced on them. This is why you are able to preach what you are preaching!

Korihor’s Point: You are teaching the people false things so that you can get their money to support you.

Alma’s Counterpoint: I (as leader of the church at the time) have labored my whole life to support myself, even though I have taken a great deal of time away from my own work to travel and preach for the church. You know this, and so does everybody else.

Korihor’s Point: If God is real, show me a sign.

Alma’s Counterpoint: God has given many signs, and they are written of in the scriptures, yet you do not believe any of them.

Korihor’s Point: If God is real, show me a sign.

Alma’s Counterpoint: If God is going to show you a sign, he is not going to afflict anyone else just to make you believe, it is going to be a sign on you. This isn’t something you want to do, trust me.

Korihor’s Point: Show me a sign.

Alma’s Counterpoint: You are struck dumb in the name of God.

Korihor’s Point: ! (In writing): I knew that there was a God but the devil came and told me to say these things and I said them because they were pleasing to hear.

It seems to me that many people today insist that the church is out to enslave its members in order to get rich off of them, yet it is plain to see that no one is getting rich from tithing money. Many people insist that believing in God is silly, yet they have no real evidence that God does not exist, just their own beliefs. Many people insist that if God is real he should show himself, yet God has showed himself many times and it has not made a difference because they will just dismiss it as a trick or a natural occurrence. Unlike Korihor, though, many have been taught these things from a young age and truly believe them because they don’t know anything else.

Today I am going to watch for Korihor-like beliefs as I go through my day and watch for the consequences that come from such beliefs.

What other similarities can you see between Korihor’s preaching, and things people believe today? Why do people so readily believe such things?


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