Defying Logic

Reading: Helaman 16

As I read the stories in the Book of Mormon leading up to the coming of Christ I often find many parallels to our day. Today as we were reading Helaman 16 I was struck with the similarity between the way people rebelled against Samuels prophecies and the way people today often feel about religion. The people reasoned that the prophecies were not logical, and were designed to keep them oppressed.  They reasoned that any miracle was just a trick to keep them hoodwinked. The people explained,

And they will, by the cunning and the mysterious arts of the evil one, work some great mystery which we cannot understand, which will keep us down to be servants to their words, and also servants unto them, for we depend upon them to teach us the word; and thus will they keep us in ignorance if we will yield ourselves unto them, all the days of our lives
Today many people feel the same way about religion.  They feel that religion is just a tool for controlling people and keeping people ignorant.  While it would be easy for me to flippantly dismiss their opinion, it is true that religion is sometimes used just that way.  We see in the news all the time about cults or very conservative countries where religion is used to justify horrific actions. However, they are wrong in thinking in that because some religions are used in a despicable way, that all religions are the same.
I think the only way to combat the idea that religion is controlling, oppresive, and silly is for the members of the church to strive ever more vigilantly to exemplify the Savior. The Savior was loving, forgiving, patient, and never controlling. The true gospel is enlightening and uplifting and ennobling, and while many will reject our telling them, if we can show them in our lives they will see the truth eventually.
Today I am going to think of some scriptures that show how the gospel is not a tool for controlling others against their will and write them in my journal.
What experiences have you had that have shown you that the church is trying to help you and not trying to control you or “keep you down”?

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  1. Michaela Stephens on

    I think that one way the church shows it helps without controlling is in the way that people are supportive of each other during their struggles. There’s no rhetoric like, “If you don’t do this, you aren’t a good Mormon Christian.” The church is always teaching the correct principles and allowing people to govern themselves. It continues to invite everyone to be obedient to the commandments and try to do a little bit more than they have previously done, and repent and all of that. We understand that the church hold all kinds and everyone has struggles, so everyone needs nurturing in the gospel.

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