Faith and Knowledge

Reading: Hebrews 11:1

Hebrews 11:1 defines faith as the following:

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

In my experiences with faith I have come to understand that an important aspect of faith is the sharing of knowledge.  For example, someone must explain to me who God is and what his role is for me to have faith in him.  Or, taking what may be a more familiar example, if I was sick and someone explained to me that a medical procedure could cure me of my sickness then I could have faith in that procedure.  It would take my faith in order to go through with the procedure.

This example shows how faith can be a source of power.  Through my faith in the medical procedure I am then saved from my sickness.  Without the faith to go through with the procedure, that idea would be worthlesss to me.

Having faith in God can also be a great source of power in our lives. When we act with the knowledge that God is there and that He loves and us and wants the best for us we gain great blessings.

Today I am going to look for examples of faith as I read the scriptures.

What actions of faith have brought great blessings to your life?


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  1. Michaela Stephens on

    One particular action of faith that continues to bless me is my decision to read the scriptures every day. This takes faith for me because I’ve read the Book of Mormon many times and I’m not sure whether I can find more to learn in it. It takes faith to begin reading it again. I have faith that Heavenly Father will help me notice things I haven’t seen before and I will learn more.

    Another action of faith that continues to bless me is writing about the scriptures. I’m never quite sure whether what I write will turn out to be cohorent and helpful or whether it will be disjointed, but I’ve found after years of trying to write about the scriptures in my journal and for my book and for my blog that Heavenly Father will show me even greater things as I try to write about the new things He has just barely revealed to me. On nearly every thing I write about the scriptures I always find myself getting stuck in what seems to be the middle, but that’s usually because there is something marvelous coming that I have to prepare myself for with a little extra thought, prayer, analysis, and struggle.

    I’ve also learned that it takes faith to act immediately instead of putting it off until later.

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