A Story Of Faith

Reading: Conversations Podcast, Episode 3, Interview with Herbert Klopfer

I have been very much enjoying the new podcasts available through the Mormon Channel. The podcasts go into greater depth than a simple rebroadcast of a previous talk.  One podcast I especially enjoy is Conversations, where people with a special perspective or interesting story are interviewed about their lives.

One interview I particularly enjoyed was the story of Herbert Klopfer.  Herbert Klopfer lived in West Germany first through World War II and then through the communist occupation.  Herbert Klopfer’s father was the mission president for the area before he was recruited into the German army and died on the Russian front.  Klopfer’s mother raised him and his siblings alone.

Practicing the Mormon religion under Communist control was a tricky and often dangerous endeavour.  While still a teenager, Klopfer’s mother risked a daring escape from West Germany.  Klopfer continued to serve the church in Europe until he eventually moved to the United States.  He became very involved in a musical capacity and wrote the hymn “Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth” which is in the current hymn book.

All of this is just a summary from my memory of listening almost a week ago, so I encourage you to listen to the whole story by clicking the reading link above.

Listening to Herbert Klopfer’s story helped me to see how blessed I am, but also showed me how we can continue to live the gospel even while there are incredible forces fighting against us.  I hope that I can continue to have faith like Herbert Klopfer even while my own society become more and more opposed to religion.

Today I am going to thank Heavenly Father for the privelege to live in a country where, at least for now, I am free to practice my religion without interference from the government.

Is there anyone who stands as an example to you of faith?  What about their story makes it special to you?


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