Parting Advice From the Prophet

Reading: “Until We Meet Again,” President Thomas S. Monson, April 2009 General Conference, Sunday Afternoon Session

Today I am summarizing the final talk from April’s General Conference, which consists of the parting comments from President Monson.  Traditionally this isn’t so much of a prepared talk as it is a short summary of what the prophet wants us to hear.  So, today I’m just including a list of the things that President Monson said that stood out to me:

  • Study the conference addresses and apply them in your life
  • The first presidency and the quorum of the twelve apostles give great service to the church
  • Strive to live closer to the Lord
  • Pray always
  • Parents, tell your children you love them and pray for them
  • Children, tell your parents you love them
  • The internet can be a tool for great good and the church uses the internet for many good things
  • The internet can also be used to access bad things, especially pornography. Guard against that use.
  • Attend the temple often.
  • The church’s humanitarian service efforts have blessed many both in and out of the church

I love hearing from the prophet.  He guides us in a time of uncertainty.  We cannot count on any world leader, political figure, self-help guru, or authority like we can count on the prophet to lead us in the right way.

Today I am going to pray for help to continue to apply what I have learned in this general conference as I go on and face life’s many challenges.

What did the prophet say that stood out the most to you?  What talk at general conference was especially meaningful to you?


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