Prophets Show the Way

Reading: “His Servants, the Prophets,” Elder F. Michael Watson of the Seventy, April 2009 General Conference, Sunday Afternoon Session

Elder Watson has spent many years working with the leadership of the church, including the last seven living prophets.  In this talk Elder Watson testifies that the prophets will show us the way to go in troubled times. He says,

As one who has been taught at the feet of living prophets and of these latter-day witnesses whom I have known and love, I testify in all truthfulness, as members of this Church heed the words and commandments the Lord gave to the prophets of the testaments and followed by the Lord’s prophet even today, we will more fully understand that “surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”

Elder Watson also shared a story of his youth shepherding with his father. The father sent him back to camp, but he didn’t know the way.  His father encouraged him to let the horse lead him back to camp.  As the young Elder Watson let the horse lead the way he sometimes doubted the horse’s knowledge, but eventually made it back to camp.

Today the prophets teach us the way to go.  General Conference is our best opportunity to hear what the prophet and the leadership of the church would say to us.  Every time I listen to general conference I am guided in some area that I need help with, big or small.

Today I am going to include President Monson in my prayers and ask that he be blessed as he guides us.

Has the words of the prophets ever helped you with a problem?


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  1. Michaela Stephens on

    Have the words of the prophets ever helped me with a problem? Four words. “Get out of debt” That helped keep my husband and I from buying a house at the top of the market and getting into deep trouble. We had no debt, and it suggested to us that it would not be a good idea to get into debt.

  2. searchingthescriptures on

    Awesome! My husband and I are facing a similar decision: Do we buy a house now when we aren’t really financially prepared, but when house prices are very low, or do we wait until we have paid off all our debts? We’ve decided to wait even if it means we will end up paying a little more. I already feel blessed because I feel less stressed as I track our budget each month knowing we are making choices that we can afford.

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