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Today I’m a little short on time on energy.  The talk I’m supposed to be reading is Elder Holland’s talk on Christ, which is a huge chunk of deep doctrine.  I feel it would be a mistake to try and tackle his talk today, so instead I’m sharing with you the new Mormon Channel.

The Mormon Channel is the church’s new radio station filled with uplifting stories and programs.  For example, I recently listened to a Conversations program where Sister Sheri Dew interviewed Elder and Sister Bednar (who have been my heroes since my time at BYU-Idaho) about their lives and what lead up to being called as an apostle.

“Radio station” is a loose term because currently the station is only available online and to HD radio listeners in Salt Lake.  Many of the shows are also available as a podcast, which is great for me because I love listening to podcasts.  They’re also working on getting an app through so you can listen on your iPhone or iPod Touch.  There was some mention of getting onto sattelite radio, but as of right now that’s not available.

Today I’m going to listen to one of the podcasts I’ve downloaded but not yet listened to.

What media do you read, watch, or listen to that lifts your spirits?


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