No One Left Behind

Reading: “‘Man Down!’“, President Henry B. Eyring, First Counselor in the First Presidency, April 2009 General Conference, Priesthood Session

One of my favorite television shows is Stargate SG-1.  A main theme that runs throughout the entire series is a commitment to never leave a friend or comrade behind in a bad situation.  In this talk Elder Eyring calls upon us to never leave a friend or fellow church member down when they are in need.

Although much of the talk is geared towards bishops and home teachers, each of us can also watch for those that need our help.  Elder Eyring tells us:

Out of loyalty they felt a duty to stand by their fellow soldiers, whatever the cost. The courage to act and their selfless service came from feeling that they were responsible for the lives, the happiness, and the safety of comrades.

Such a feeling of responsibility for others is at the heart of faithful priesthood service. Our comrades are being wounded in the spiritual conflict around us. So are the people we are called to serve and protect from harm. Spiritual wounds are not easily visible, except with inspired eyes. But bishops, branch presidents, and mission presidents sitting before fellow disciples of the Savior can see the wounded and the wounds.

This is not an easy talk to apply to myself because I am not in a position of leadership.  I am not even in a position of knowing the people around me, since I only just moved here.  Still, today I will pray for guidance to see when people around me need my help and for the courage to help them.

Have you ever known someone or been someone who needed some extra help?  How did getting that help (or not getting that help) affect you?  How can you better help others around you that need it?


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