Priesthood Responsibilities

Reading: “Priesthood Responsibilities,” Elder Claudio R. M. Costa of the Presidency of the Seventy, April 2009 General Conference, Priesthood Session

In worldwide leadership training meeting in 2003 President Hinckley outlined four responsibilities each member of the priesthood carries.  In this talk Elder Costa reviews those four responsibilities, which are:

  1. Responsibility to your family
  2. Responsibility to your employer
  3. Responsibility to the Lord’s work
  4. Responsibility to yourself

As I read this talk I realized that the person who has the greatest influence over how well my husband upholds these responsibilities is me.  For example, my husband works at home so whether he is working when he is supposed to be working is dependent on if I respect his job and not ask him to do other things around the house at that time.  Another example is my husband’s last calling before we moved was a scout leader for the 11 year old scouts.  My encouragement and support as he left us for one night out of the week was a big factor in his fulfilling that calling.

Today I am going to tell my husband how grateful I am that he upholds his responsibilities, and ask him to let me know how I can continue to give him the support he needs.

If you are a priesthood holder, what helps you to fulfill your responsibilities?  If you are married to a priesthood holder, then what do you do to support your husband?


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