Answer the Call

Reading: “This is Your Phone Call,” Bishop Richard C. Edgley, First Counselor in the Presiding Bishopric, April 2009 General Conference, Priesthood Session

Across the country thousands of people are currently out of work.  The current economic struggle has hit many at home as they struggle to find work in a climate where everyone is trying to find work.  In this talk Bishop Edgley asks the Priesthood, and all of us, to find way to help those in need.

Although Bishop Edgley was speaking directly to the Priesthood, he included everyone in his plea for help.  He said of the sisters:

Bishops, the sisters have a role in this effort. Because of the economy, many mothers are finding it necessary to make budget and other living adjustments. Some are even finding it necessary to leave the home to find work. The Relief Society sisters, with their specially endowed, compassionate hearts, can help. They can help identify the needy. They can teach. They can babysit, console, comfort, and encourage. They can make a difference.

I just moved into a ward full of students.  Most are still going to school, and many are just married with no children of their own yet.  Part of me thinks such a group would be largely buffered from the current economic crisis because they are busy getting educated instead of looking for jobs, but another part thinks they would be even more vulnerable since students have such a small margin to live inside financially.  Whatever the case, this week I am going to approach our relief society president and tell her that I would love to help where help is needed, and to not hesitate to ask me to help if needed.

Do you know anyone who is struggling right now to find employment and/or cover their expenses?  What can you do to help?  If you are in a position of need yourself, would you mind sharing how others can help you the best?


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