The Form for Prayer

Reading: “Lessons from the Lord’s Prayers,” Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, April 2009 General Conference, Saturday Afternoon Session

The scriptures tell us how best to pray to our Father in Heaven.  Most of the time we start by addressing our prayer to God, then give thanks for our blessings, then ask for the help that we need, and then end our prayer in the name of the Savior.  In this talk Elder Nelson reviews these and other guidelines for prayer.

Also in this talk Elder Nelson shows things we can learn about the Savior from his prayers we read in the scriptures.  Those things that the Savior values in his prayers we also should pray for and value.  After reading where the Savior prayed for his disciples to have the Holy Ghost, Elder Nelson tells us:

If companionship of the Holy Ghost is that important, we should pray for it too. We should likewise help all converts and our children cultivate the gift of the Holy Ghost. As we so pray, the Holy Ghost can become a vital force for good in our lives.

Today for my scripture study I’m going to read prayers that the Savior gave and look for important themes.

What other things can you learn from the Savior’s prayers in the scriptures?


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