Faith Through Adversity

Reading: “Faith In Adversity,” Elder Rafael E. Pino Of the Seventy, April 2009 General Conference, Saturday Afternoon Session

In the current times of difficulty we have a rock hard foundation on which to stand.  Although we will still experience tragedies, the power and knowledge of the gospel can help us weather any storm.  In his talk Elder Pino shares several stories that illustrate this truth.

One story that stood out to me most of all was the story of a family who lost their little girl.  He shared the following story, written by the girl’s father:

As soon as we arrived at one of the beautiful Venezuelan beaches, our children begged us to let them go out and play in a small river near the beach. We allowed them to go. Then we started to get some things out of the car. Two minutes later we noticed that our children were starting to get too far from the shore.

As we went toward them to bring them closer, we noticed that our three-year-old daughter was not with the other children. We looked for her desperately, only to find her floating near the place where the other children were. We quickly pulled her out of the water. Some people came to try to help save her, but nothing could be done. Our youngest daughter had drowned.

The moments that followed were extremely difficult, filled with anguish and pain for the loss of our youngest daughter. That feeling soon turned into an almost unbearable torment. However, in the midst of the confusion and uncertainty, the thought that our children had been born under the covenant came to our minds, and through that covenant, our daughter belongs to us for eternity.

What a blessing it is to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ and to have received the ordinances of His holy temple! We now feel that we are much more committed to be faithful to the Lord and endure to the end because we want to be worthy of the blessings that the temple provides in order to see our daughter again. At times we mourn, but ‘we do not mourn as those without hope.’

I cannot imagine how hard it would be to lose my daughter or my husband.  In fact, when I was first married, I was often scared that something would happen to my husband because I feared how hard it would be to lose him.  However, as my faith has grown, I have grown less fearful.  Although I know that such a loss would be incredibly difficult, I also have faith that we will be together forever and that God will help me through my grief.

Today I am going to go on a walk up by the temple and think about what the temple means, and how grateful I am for those blessings.

Have you experienced tragedy?  How does your faith in the gospel help you deal with tragedies that have happened or tragedies that may someday happen?


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