Covenants – Promises Made and Kept

Reading: “The Power of Covenants,” Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, April 2009 General Conference, Saturday Morning Session

Yesterday I focused on one scripture in Elder Christofferson’s talk, so today I wanted to get to his real topic before I moved on.  (By the way, after I prayed yesterday things went much better – I was even able to take a mini-nap!)

A big feature of the LDS religion is that we believe in making covenants with God. The first covenant we make is baptism.  In this covenant we promise to obey God’s commandments and in exchange we are blessed with the Holy Ghost.  Each covenant we make involves promising God that we will obey and behave in some way, and God likewise promises to bless us in some way. Elder Christofferson explains:

We enter into covenants by priesthood ordinances, sacred rituals that God has ordained for us to manifest our commitment. Our foundational covenant, for example, the one in which we first pledge our willingness to take upon us the name of Christ, is confirmed by the ordinance of baptism. It is done individually, by name. By this ordinance, we become part of the covenant people of the Lord and heirs of the celestial kingdom of God.

Other sacred ordinances are performed in temples built for that very purpose. If we are faithful to the covenants made there, we become inheritors not only of the celestial kingdom but of exaltation, the highest glory within the heavenly kingdom, and we obtain all the divine possibilities God can give.

When you understand what a covenant means, you can see that it can be a great source of stength in our lives.  However, in order to gain that strength we must live up to the promises that we have made.

When I have tried to make a special effort to live up to the promises that I have made, I definitely find greater strength to deal with problems in my life.  Going to the temple especially helps me remember my covenants and live up to them.

Today I am going to write a list in my journal about the different covenants I have made, and then think about how I am doing at keeping those promises.

What helps you to honor your covenants?


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