General Conference Review

Reading: “Welcome to Conference,” President Monson, April 2009 General Conference, Saturday Morning Session

In my last post I told you how much I hate moving.  I haven’t posted since then because we’ve been busy doing just that – moving.  We ended up moving much quicker than anticipated because we were able to sell the last two months of our contract to someone who needed to move in immediately.  We are currently staying with family until we are able to move into the apartment in Provo we have rented for the summer. I will do my best to get back into the routine of posting every day while we are here.

I still hate moving, by the way. Although the move did go very well, so I probably shouldn’t complain.

And thus begins my review of the April 2009 general conference.  Today I read President Monson’s review of the things he has done since the last session of conference, particularly the dedication of several temples.  He says,

Now, my brothers and sisters, I am pleased to report that the Church is doing very well. The work of the Lord continues to move forward uninterrupted.

I think it is wonderful that temples are continuing to be built across the globe.  When I think of the incredible sacrifice that our ancestors went through in order to build the early temples, it makes me happy to wonder what they would think of what we have been able to do today.

Today I am going to get in touch with my brother in Rexburg and see if he would like to go to a session at the new Rexburg temple with me while we are staying up here.

What else has happened over the past year that shows that the work of the Lord continues to move forward?  Anything big? Anything small that means something to you?


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