Worthy Music, Worthy Thoughts

Reading: “Inpsiring Music, Worthy Thoughts,” Boyd K. Packer, Ensign, Jan. 1974

One of the most oft-repeated counsel on controlling your thoughts is to sing a hymn to yourself to direct your thoughts in a better direction.  The following video, taken from the 1974 talk by Boyd K. Packer, further explains how this works:

I remember as a high school student working very hard to memorize my scripture mastery.  I spent all of my free moments, between classes, or walking around, memorizing the scripture mastery.  After a while I realized that a great side effect of having my mind continually dwelling on the scriptures was that I felt much happier and more spiritual all of the time.

Hymns, I think, are easier to memorize than scriptures and having them in your mind all the time will probably have the same effect as memorizing scripture master had on me.

Today I am going to pick a hymn and memorize it, or at least start memorizing it.

Have you had any success using hymns to help you think better?  What has helped you to keep your thoughts in line?


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