Nothing Wavering

Reading: “Come Unto Him in Prayer and Faith,” President Thomas S. Monson, Liahona, March 2009

When we have faith in a principle or a person it means that we do not doubt.  In the latest message from the presidency, President Monson encourages us to keep our faith strong and not doubt the words of God.  He says,

There is a golden thread that runs through every account of faith from the beginning of the world to the present time. Abraham, Noah, the brother of Jared, the Prophet Joseph Smith, and countless others wanted to be obedient to the will of God. They had ears that could hear, eyes that could see, and hearts that could know and feel.

They never doubted. They trusted.

Through personal prayer, through family prayer, by trusting in God with faith, nothing wavering, we can call down to our rescue His mighty power. His call to us is as it has ever been: “Come unto me.”

When I let doubt creep into my thoughts about the gospel it often has the effect of making me feel powerless, weak, and depressed.  When I go to God in prayer, or do whatever else I need to do to take care of that doubt, I instantly feel better and stronger in all aspects of my life.

Today I am going to pray for help in growing my faith, and for guidance to know what I need to read, or study, or do to make my testimony stronger.

Have you had times where your faith was diminished?  How did you overcome your doubts?


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