What Makes a Home

Reading: “Cornerstones of a Happy Home,” President Hinckley, pamphlet, 1984

Yesterday I was very dissappointed to find out that the townhome we are currently renting is going up for sale in June, so that we will not be able to renew our contract.  Since we are going back to Provo for Spring Term, and our contract ends before we get back, we will most likely need to move twice: once into storage and to Utah, and once out of storage when we get back. All this after having already moved a scant four months ago.  Since I got this news I have been feeling rather depressed about the whole thing.

So, today I wanted to re-focus my attention on what really makes a home.  It is not the physical trappings, but the heart of the family that makes a house a home.  President Hinckley recommends four cornerstones a home should be founded on:

  • Mutual Respect
  • The Soft Answer
  • Financial Honesty
  • Family Prayer

Although I am sad to be losing a house that we really love, and I am not looking forward to all of the extra work this will mean for me, the truth is that where we live doesn’t really matter.  It is how we live as a family that will have the greatest affect on our happiness and our children.

Tonight I am going to have family prayer with my husband.  Since we often go to bed at different times it has been hard to establish a nightly prayer habit.  Today, though, a family prayer is definitely in order.

What makes your house a home?


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