Teaching About Sexual Intimacy

Reading: A Parent’s Guide

Really, you ought to go read this post on Blog Segullah by Tracy M, because she is going to do a lot better job than I am at explaining this topic.  Plus, the discussion in the comments is almost equally educational.

Yesterday I talked about how I was inspired by a lesson given Sunday on educating children about sexual intimacy.  Yesterday I talked about how the LDS church clearly distinguishes sex as a positive, wonderful thing, that needs to be treated with respect. Today I wanted to talk more about the importance of educating children about sexual intimacy.

Unfortunately, though, I’m short on time (it’s one of those days) so I’m really glad Segullah has that great post that you should go read.  You also should read A Parent’s Guide, a guide written by the church on educating children about sexual intimacy.  You can get it online or order it from church distribution.

Here also are some concepts I learned Sunday I would like to share:

  • When we are vague about sexual terminology it leaves children open to deception as terms about sex change especially fast in society.
  • The teenagers in our ward really want to learn more about what is appropriate for them to do or not do, but they often do not feel comfortable asking parents (this was repeated by the young men president, young women president and the bishop).  I suspect most teenagers feel the same.
  • Self-esteem is a huge factor in whether children will obey the law of chastity or not.
  • Teenagers are often confused about even basic concepts like what it is to date someone because the world’s values are so out of sync with our own, so it is important to make sure we are clear and understood.

Today I am going to finish reading the copy of A Parent’s Guide we got in the lesson Sunday.  I’ve already read a good portion and while some of it seems obvious, I also have learned some good concepts.

How did your parents teach you about sexual intimacy?  How would you like to teach your children about sexual intimacy?  Or, if you don’t have children, or if your children are already grown, what can you do to help the children in your life have a better respect and appreciation for sexual intimacy?


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