The Song of the Righteous

Reading: LDS Church Music

Today I wanted to do something a little different.  A couple weeks ago (while I was still writing about 2 Nephi 2) I was called to be Relief Society Music Director.  I’m very excited about this calling because I love church music.  Today, in honor of my new calling, I wanted to bring your attention to some of the great music resources the church has made available online. In D&C 25:12 it states:

For my soul delighteth in the song of the heart; yea, the song of the righteous is a prayer unto me, and it shall be answered with a blessing upon their heads.

As good as we know the hymns are, many people today just don’t feel comfortable singing on their own.  We’ve grown used to listening to our music via iPods, radios, and on the computer.  This is why I think the church’s music website is so great.  Here you can find all kind of tools to make it easier to integrate hymns and church music into your life, especially if you don’t feel comfortable just pulling out a hymn and singing a hymn. Here are some of the features of the church music website:

  • Download all the hymns or other church songs in a single zip file for local storage
  • Download individual songs or hymns onto your computer
  • Review music online using the fabulous Interactive Music Player (too much to describe – just check it out)
  • Download sheet music for all the songs individually or in a zip file
  • Download accompaniment only MP3s for all church songs
  • Print sheet music at home for use in FHE or church lessons.

Recently I put all of the children’s music onto my iPod and I find I am using fun children’s songs, like Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, a lot more with my daughter because they are so easy to play.

Today I am going to play some chuch songs in the car as we go to run errands this afternoon.  Even the more mild radio music stations are just not appropriate for me to be listening to with my daughter.

What ways do you like to listen to music?  Could you find ways to make church music a bigger part of your listening habits?


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  1. Michaela Stephens on

    I am extra blessed on the music front, because it is so much a part of my church service. I am the ward organist and the ward choir pianist, so I get a double dose of hymns every Sunday!
    I think one way to incorporate the hymns into life is to have opening and closing songs for FHE. You can also incorporate opening and closing hymns into family scripture study.
    In my family growing up, we always had a stereo in the kitchen and a number of cds and after dinner we had to help clean up. It was a lot more fun to clean up to music than to work in silence.
    On Saturdays, often my dad wanted us to do a number of chores for the family and so he would put on a cd of marches by John Phillip Sousa. It is easy to work hard for a long time with that music blasting around the house.
    On Sunday, my parents would turn on cds of Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Handel’s Messiah.
    In school, I played an instrument in band, so I generally had some symphonies running through my head in quiet moments.
    My husband and I like to listen to BYU Radio’s Sounds of Sunday too.

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