Sum Up of 2 Nephi 2

Reading: 2 Nephi 2

Yesterday I finished my survey of 2 Nephi Chapter 2, so today I thought I would sum up the thing I learned and talked about.

Here are some of the important themes of 2 Nephi 2:

  • God will consecrate our afflictions for our good
  • God has a plan for this Earth
  • The fall of Adam and Eve was an important part of that plan
  • Without our agency, or ability to choose, we would be nothing but mindless animals
  • With agency we have the ability to choose good or evil
  • Adam and Eve had to choose to break a law in order to fall, God could not do it to them
  • If Adam and Eve hadn’t fallen they would not be happy or sad, but mindless without choice
  • If Adam and Eve hadn’t fallen they would not have had any children
  • Through the Atonement the Savior saves us from the affects of the fall which are:
  • The affects of the fall are mortality and a separation from the presence of God
  • Through the Atonement everyone is resurrected, but only those who repent will return to live with God
  • Satan wants us to be miserable like him, and so entices us to sin through lies
  • It is up to us to choose liberty and Eternal life through obeying the commandments of God or misery and condemnation through disobeying the commandments of God.

I’m glad that I went through this chapter because it is so full of important concepts that we must know to have a firm testimony of the Gospel.  I also now have a deeper knowledge, and this knowledge has already helped me in several situations. I also would like to think that maybe somebody looking through the interwebs might find here an answer to a question they might have about the plan of salvation.

Today I am going to go to bed earlier and then have a more meaningful scripture study.  Lately I’ve been staying up too late so that by the time I get to my scripture study I’m rushing to get to bed instead of reading more thoroughly.

Do you have a favorite chapter in the scriptures that seems packed full of great doctrine?  Or, maybe a special story that has helped you in your life?


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