On Probation

Reading: 2 Nephi 2:20, Alma 12:24, Alma 34:2

When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit one of the consequences is that they would die.  They would die spiritually, in that they would be separated from God.  And, they would die physically in that their spirits would be separated from their bodies.  However, this second physical death did not come right away.  This allowed Adam and Eve time to repent before their death, giving the opportunity to also reclaim spiritual life and become worthy to be reunited with God.  In 2 Nephi 2:20 it says:

And the days of the children of men were prolonged, according to the will of God, that they might repent while in the flesh; wherefore, their state became a state of probation, and their time was lengthened, according to the commandments which the Lord God gave unto the children of men.

We also, like Adam and Eve, are currently in a probationary period where we are given the opportunity to repent and return to God.  In Alma 12:24 it says:

And we see that death comes upon mankind, yea, the death which has been spoken of by Amulek, which is the temporal death; nevertheless there was a space granted unto man in which he might repent; therefore this life became a probationary state; a time to prepare to meet God; a time to prepare for that endless state which has been spoken of by us, which is after the resurrection of the dead.

Sometimes in my life I find it hard to keep focused on improving spiritually.  There is so much to do, and much of it is important, so it is easy for me to procrastinate spiritual goals for a “better time.”  However, we only have this life to repent so every day is precious.  We may be able to progress in the spirit world after death, but it will be much harder than it is during this life.  For the past month I have been trying hard to put spiritual goals first and it has been a great blessing for me as I am progressing faster spiritually than I have for a long time.

Today I am going to read the lesson for Relief Society and Sunday School this Sunday.  Almost every Saturday I plan to read the lesson, but since Saturdays are usually very busy I rarely actually follow through and read them.  So, instead of procrastinating until the last minute I’m going to read them early this week.

What spiritual goals do you procrastinate? How do you fight the habit of procrastination?


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  1. Michaela Stephens on

    I tend to procrastinate the goals that intimidate me or which I don’t know much about.

    I’ve found that one way to prevent myself from procrastinating is by breaking down those big goals into little pieces. I used to procrastinate writing papers in school until the day before, but I eventually figured out that what made it so painful was doing it all at once. I realized that I was not obligated to do it all at once if I started early on it. I could do some research and take notes and then stop for a few days. Then I could write down some thoughts and then stop for another few days. I could break the tasks up as small as I wanted in such a way that it would be no scary thing to do them.

    Making spiritual goals can be tricky, because often we are not quite sure what is involved in meeting them. I want to be more spiritual, but what exactly should I do to become more spiritual? We have to make our goals specific. What if we were to ask Heavenly Father what goals he would want us to make? I’m sure we’d get plenty of ideas then. And what if we ask Heavenly Father to help us find a goal He wants for us that we can get excited about?

    • searchingthescriptures on

      That is a great point about small, specific goals. When I write my goal for each day in the blog I always try to make it something small and specific I can do that day. When I make bigger goals, or nonspecific goals, they often don’t get done. I get more out of the small steps that are finished than the big leaps that are never taken.

      Thanks for the insight!

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