Learning, Doing, and Being

Reading, “To Learn, to Do, to Be,” President Thomas S. Monson, October 2008 General Conference, Priesthood Session

How does one fully fulfill the responsiblities of the priesthood?  President Monson gives the following three steps:

  • To Learn
  • To Do
  • To Be

To learn means studying and searching out teachings in the gospel to help guide us on our path. When I search the scriptures, then I am learning what I should do to become like God.

To do means doing those things we should be.  For me, that may mean praying morning and night, reading my scriptures, and being patient and loving with my family.

To be means becoming something more than what we are.  More than just checking off things on a list to do (which is important, in its place) we become Christlike.  When I am truly seeking to become like Christ I find that my whole person changes, more than just improving a few small areas.

Yesterday in church I was feeling like I should try to improve my patience, especially with my family.  So, today I am going to try and find something to read to help me learn more about patience.  Then, from that I’m going to find something specific to do today.  Then, I’m going to pray for help to become a more patient and loving person.

How can you apply the advice that President Monson has given here?


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