As Zion’s Youth In Latter Days…

Reading: “Winning the War against Evil,” Elder James J. Hamula of the Seventy, October 2008 General Conference, Priesthood Session

In the hymn “True to the Faith,” the youth sing a song of being faithful to God in the latter days.  Elder Hamula had a similar call to youth (specifcially, the Aaronic priesthood) in this talk about keeping yourself worthy in a troubled time.

First, he reminded the youth of their divine heritage.  He says,

Now, my young friends of the Aaronic Priesthood, you are these valiant and noble sons of our Father! You are the strength of the Lord’s house, His warriors! You are those who chose good over evil and who exhibited “exceedingly great faith” and “good works.” And because of your personal history, you were entrusted to come to the earth in these last days to do again what you did before—to once again choose good over evil, exercise exceedingly great faith, and perform good works—and to do so in behalf of the kingdom of God on the earth and your fellowman!

He then goes on to encourage the youth to do three things to help keep themselves worthy.

  1. Pray often, honestly and sincerely.
  2. Learn to listen to the Spirit.
  3. Obey the word of God and the commandments you are given.

Lately I have been thinking a lot back on my youth and my friends I had.  Today I can see that those who did these things are, in general, much happier today than those who chose other paths.  While we can’t do anything to ensure a perfect happy life, when we do cling to the gospel at an early age it enables us to handle anything that we encounter and grown closer to God.  These are also things I can continue to do today in order to set an example for my children in the future.

This talk made me think about the youth I know.  I know that many of the adults in my ward helped me to make the right choices by setting a good example and reaching out to me as a friend. Today I’m going to find a way to reach out to some of the youth I know.

What choices that you made when you were young affected you today?


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