Honoring the Priesthood

Reading: “Honor the Priesthood and Use It Well,” Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, October 2008 General Conference, Priesthood Session

The next several talks I write about are from the Priesthood Session of the General Conference.  In this meeting the leadership of the church talks to men who hold the priesthood.  This generally includes every worthy male over the age of 12 in the membership of the church.  There is also a similar meeting that is just for the Relief Society and Young Women, which includes all the women over the age of 18 and between the ages of 12 and 18 respectively. Rather than taking more space to give a greater background on the priesthood and how it operates in our church, I encourage those who want to know more about this topic to go here and here.

The priesthood is defined as the authority to act in the name of God on Earth.  In this talk Elder Scott encourages the members of the priesthood to be worthy of this sacred trust.  The one area he emphasizes the most is that they treat the women of the church with the utmost respect, and their wives with love and tenderness.

Elder Scott states clearly that the fact that men have the priesthood and women do not does not imply that women are second class.  He says,

In some cultures, tradition places a man in a role to dominate, control, and regulate all family affairs. That is not the way of the Lord. In some places the wife is almost owned by her husband, as if she were another of his personal possessions. That is a cruel, unproductive, mistaken vision of marriage encouraged by Lucifer that every priesthood holder must reject. It is founded on the false premise that a man is somehow superior to a woman. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The scriptures confirm that Father in Heaven saved His greatest, most splendid, supreme creation, woman, to the end. Only after all else was completed was woman created. Only then was the work pronounced complete and good.

It is clear that when a man acts in “unrighteous dominion” by treating his wife as second class or as property, he is no longer worthy to hold the priesthood and the power leaves him.

Elder Scott made another comment that rings true sometimes for me as well as for other women I see around me:

By divine design a woman is fundamentally different from a man in many ways. She is compassionate and seeks the interests of others around her. However, that compassionate nature can become overwhelming for women who identify far more to accomplish than they can possibly do, even with the help of the Lord. Some become discouraged because they do not feel they are doing all they should do. I believe this is a feeling that many worthy, effective, devoted women of the Church experience.

I am very blessed to have a husband who loves and respects me.  He is always quick to tell me how greatful he is for the work that I do, even when I feel like I am not doing near as much as I should.  His kind encouragement often helps me to feel better when I may feel inadequate.

I do not have the Priesthood, obviously, but this talk made me feel much more greatful for my husband.  I am greatful for all that he does for me, and love him all the more for it.  Today I am going to tell him how much I love and how greatful I am for him.

To the women: What priesthood holders have blessed your life by honoring their priesthood in the way Elder Scott recommends? To the men: How do you honor your priesthood in your every day life?


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