Gospel Knowledge Accessible For Everyone

Reading: “Even a Child Can Understand,” Elder Gerald Causse of the Seventy, October 2008 General Conference, Saturday Afternoon Session

Even the smartest, most spiritual person you know will spend their whole life learning more about the gospel.  Some scholars, such as teachers at BYU, devote their whole life’s work to learning new things about the gospel, especially historical and linguistic interpretation.  This may make the more ordinary of us feel like we could never gain a good understanding of the gospel.  Elder Causse assures us that this is not the case.

Elder Causse, in his talk, points out that even children can understand the most basic principles of the gospel.  And while they may not be able to go into deep theological discussions, the things they understand are the most important parts of the gospel. He says,

The Bible has probably been the subject of more interpretations and philosophical debates than any other book. However, a child reading this book for the first time will have at least as much, if not more, chance to understand the doctrine as the majority of those doctors of the scriptures. The Savior’s teachings are adapted to everyone. At eight years of age a child can have sufficient understanding to enter the waters of baptism and make a covenant with God with complete understanding.

He also encourages teachers to keep this in mind while they teach their lessons:

The quality of a lesson is not measured by the number of new pieces of information that you give your students. It comes from your capacity to invite the presence of the Spirit and to motivate your students to make commitments. It is by exercising their faith by putting into practice the lessons taught that they will increase their spiritual knowledge.

I really loved this talk because it helped me to remember that the most important things I need to learn in the gospel are things that I probably already know in my head, but need to really learn and embody in my heart.  I have definitely found this to be the case as I write in this blog.  There is very little “new” that I have learned, but by trying to really apply what I already know to my life and by trying to practice it to a higher degree, my spiritual “knowledge” has greatly increased.

Today I am going to write in my journal and try and write down several simple gospel themes that have either helped me a lot lately or might help me with current or upcoming challenges.

What simple gospel truths are special to you?


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  1. Michaela Stephens on

    I really liked what he said when he suggested that we read the scriptures as a child would. I have to confess that my scripture reading for quite some time had been obsessed with trying to find things I couldn’t understand so that I could write about them and try to find brilliant insights into them. But the Spirit hit me with the idea that I had been looking beyond the mark.

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