Come What May, and Love It

Reading: “Come What May and Love It,” Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, October 2008 General Conference, Saturday Afternoon Session

When Elder Wirthlin was a boy his mother would encourage him not to let bad times get him down too much.  She would say, “Come What May and Love It.”  In his touching talk, Elder Wirthlin shares with us a message of hope and how to deal with troubling times.

There are four things Elder Wirthlin encourages us to do in order to deal with trials that may come:

  1. Learn to laugh
  2. Seek for the eternal
  3. The principle of compensation
  4. Trust in the father and the son

Right now things are pretty good for us.  We have only the “normal” problems of not enough time to do everything we would like to, and while our means are small we have been blessed to be living well inside them.  Sometimes, because I am a chronic worrier, I worry that things are too good and that there is some big trial waiting for us around the corner.  Reading this talk, though, the thing that touched me most was that I do not need to worry about trials because God will help us through them.  Every time in my life where I have had trials I also have had great blessings, and in the future things should be no different.

Today I also am going to try to laugh more.  When something goes wrong, I’m going to try and see the humor rather than getting upset.  I used to be very good at this, but lately have been taking myself a little too seriously :).

What do you do to help you get through bad times?


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  1. Michaela Stephens on

    So you sometimes worry that you have it too good and there is a big trial waiting around the corner? How funny! So do I! Sometimes when I am in a very perceptive frame of mind, I look at my life and compare it to other people I see and I just think, “Man, I just have it soo easy!” And then I wonder, “It almost seems too easy!” and I count the trials and tribulations that I don’t suffer from.. And occasionally I realize that some of the conditions that are in my life which I don’t think are too difficult, there are people that would consider those conditions too difficult to bear if they had to go through it themselves. I think that is the way it is for just about everyone.

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