Faith in a Time of Trouble

Reading: “You Know Enough,” Elder Neil A. Anderson of the Presidency of the Seventy, October 2008 General Conference, Saturday Morning Session

At this point in time many of us have reasons to be fearful.  The economy is in trouble, there are a multitude of natural disasters, and many of us are doubtful of our future.  Elder Anderson’s talk was an ecouragement to have faith even when times are bad, with many touching stories of other people whose faith has helped them in hard times.

The story that touched me the most was the story of little Hadley, who was born with hearing problems.  While in a grocery store one day, the little girl loudly asked her mother why the boy behind them had no legs.  Her mother explained that God makes all children differently.

Then, unexpectedly, Hadley turned to the little boy and said, “Did you know that when Heavenly Father made me, my ears did not work? That makes me special. He made you with no legs, and that makes you special. When Jesus comes, I will be able to hear and you will get your legs. Jesus will make everything all right.”

It is good for us to remember that God loves us.  Elder Anderson also stated that faith is a choice, not just a feeling.

Along with everyone else, the publicity of the bad things that have happened lately have left me fearful of my future.  Sometimes I look at my little girl and I wonder what the world will be like for her when she grows up.  Then I remember that God has always lead his people and he will take care of her no matter how bad things may be for her.

Today I am going to let the bad things I hear about remind me of God’s promises, and of past times when things seemed bad but they turned out for the better.

What is a time in your life when things seemed bad, but your faith helped you to gain something good from the experience?


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