Tis a Gift To Be Simple

Reading: “Let Him Do It with Simplicity,” Elder L. Tom Perry, October 2008 General Conference, Saturday Morning Session

First of all, you may be interested to know that the full transcript of this past general conference is now available online.

Today I re-read Elder Perry’s talk on simplicity.  I love this talk for several reasons.  First of all, Thoreau is one of my biggest heroes, and Walden is one of my favorite works of literature from my favorite time period in literature, the early nineteenth century.  So, the moment he mentioned Walden Pond I was pretty much won over.

Second, I love his message of simplicity.  From our materialistic society we get the idea that we need the best, biggest, newest, fastest, most stylish, highest quality things to be happy. This is so not the case!  Other than having the basic necessities of life, material things are not indicative of a happy life.

Third, I really enjoyed how he tied his topic into current events.  He talked about the energy crisis, and the poor economy, but brought it back to the message of the gospel.  It helped remind me not to get so caught up in these things that I forget to live the gospel.

I feel like this talk was written just for me!

Right now my husband has the prospect of possibly getting a new job.  Nothing is definite yet, but if he were able to get this job it would be a huge blessing for us, especially financially.  If he were able to get this job we would need to move (eventually), so I have been thinking a lot about the kind of home and lifestyle I would want if we had the means to live better than we do now.

Yesterday as I was walking around our little town I was looking at all the houses and thinking about this question.  As I observed the homes I realized something.  The homes that looked the most inviting and beautiful were not necessarily the biggest ones or the newest or the nicest ones.  The biggest factor, by far, in the outward desirability of the home was how well the occupants took care of it.

Then, while reading this talk it just brought home to me again that whether or not my husband gets this job, the greatest thing we can do for ourselves is to live simply and to take care of what we have.  If we love each other, and we take care of each other, and in all things follow the teachings of the gospel, then we will be happy no matter where we live or how we live.

I feel like maybe I rambled a bit today, but this was a big lesson for me at just the right time.  Living simply is better than living with fine things.

Since we moved in, I have been working hard to get our home organized and get our things settled.  Today I’m going to continue that work, and I’m going to give myself a pat on the back for taking care of my home.

What does living simply mean to you?


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  1. jeneflower on

    I agree. Great talk!

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