What Missionaries Do

Reading: “Your Commission to Teach the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ,” Chapter 1: What is My Purpose as a Missionary, Preach My Gospel

The first section of the first chapter of Preach My Gospel tells us what missionaries do.  I gleaned the following points from this short section:

  • Every person-every single person we meet and see every day-is a child of God
  • Many of these people are searching for answers to life’s problems
  • The gospel of Jesus Christ will help them find joy in their lives and relief from the consequences of sin
  • Missionaries are called to teach these people with special authority
  • As your understanding of the Atonement grows your desire to share the gospel will increase
  • Only the gospel will save the world from itself
  • You are called to teach people this message that will help them find happiness and salvation through Jesus Christ

The only difference, I think, between what a full time missionary and what a member missionary would glean from this is that the member missionary does not have the special authority that come with the call to serve a mission.  However, every member has the responsibility to share the gospel.  Then, when that special authority is needed we introduce them to the full-time missionaries.

As I believe I have written before, one of my weaknesses is a lack of patience.  Sometimes when I am going through my day I get irritated by the little things people do, such as driving in a way I think is stupid, or taking too long in a line at the grocery store.  However, if I think of everyone as children of God then I am lead to be more patient with everyone I meet.  And, when I treat others with greater patience I am a better example of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which I think is the first step to becoming a better missionary.

Today as I go about my day I’m going to try to remind myself that everyone is a child of God.  I will especially try to remember this at times when I am feeling frustrated with things people do.

What do you do to be a better member missionary?


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