New Temples

Reading: President Thomas S. Monson’s Saturday Morning Address, October 2008 General Conference

Today I listened to the audio of President Monson’s introduction to the General Conference last Saturday.  In his short blurb he first talked about temples.  He talked about the programs that have been put together in celebration of new temples, and how he supports that as a great opportunity for you to participate in “something they will never forget.”  He then announced several new temples that were organized.

Recently I read someone questioning whether having all of these temples around lessens the specialness of the temples.  On a superficial level, I think this is definitely the case.  In my ward in California the time and effort it took to plan and take a trip to the temple taught us to respect the temple greatly.  When I later had the opportunity to go on a youth temple trip with a ward in Idaho Falls, where they see the temple every day, I was shocked at the lack of respect and irreverence the youth had in the temple.  It is true that familiarity can lead us to lack respect.

At the same time, though, I think that this is a small price to pay for the opportunity of having a temple nearby.  When you do not have to go so far to visit a temple, it relieves a great burden, especially for those who are disabled or poor, or who have very little time.  It is up to us to maintain our respect for the temples despite the fact that we do not have to sacrifice so much to go.  If we grow careless in our temple worship, we should blame ourselves, not the church’s new policy on temple building.

Another thing that President Monson talked about in his introduction is an appeal to members to pray for missionary work.  He said that when the church prayed for missionary work to be extended at the behest of President Kimball (I think) the work made great leaps and bounds.

So, today, I am going to pray for missionary work to be extended into lands where it is now not possible for the church to go.  And, try to make it a habit, since President Monson requested it.

What do you think about the new temples?  Did you have any other thoughts about President Monson’s address?

Just fyi, I am going to wait until the transcripts are available to write about any more conference adresses.  Until then I feel the need to study Preach My Gospel.


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