Meaningful Prayer

Reading: “Ask in Faith,” David A. Bednar, Ensign, May 2008

This is an article that I have already written about, but I wanted to revisit it today because of the way Elder Bednar presented his talk on prayer last Saturday.  The way he introed that talk he seemed to be saying that he was continuing his thoughts on prayer from what he said in this talk from the last conference.

The main tenets of prayer in this talk are:

  • Prayer requires action on our part
  • Prayer requires us to ask for help while realizing that God’s will may be different than our own

The main tenets of prayer in the talk he gave Saturday (as per my imperfect memory – a transcript is not available at the time I am writing this) are:

  • We should pray about our activities for that day, as a spiritual creation before the temporal creation
  • Prayer should be filled with gratitude and at times we should offer only prayers of gratitude
  • We should pray for others, perhaps more than we pray for ourselves

Prayer is important and I feel that I could do much to make my prayers better.  The things that Elder Bednar shared in both these talks help me to realize that my prayers are so much better for me when I make them meaningful and related to what is going on in my life.  When I talk to God about what is going on, I become closer to Him.  And, when I talk to God as if I were better than I am, than I become better.

Usually my alarm clock in the morning is my baby, and when she wakes me up she usually needs immediate attention.  I sometimes entirely forget to pray until her first nap, at which time I usually read and then write here.  Tomorrow (and hopefully every day) I am going to just kneel with my baby and say an audible prayer first thing in the morning, or at least as soon as is reasonably possible.  That way I’m setting an example and saying my prayer instead of waiting until she is otherwise occupied.  We’ll see if that works better.

How do you make your prayers more meaningful?


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