The Purpose of Relief Society

Reading: “Fulfilling the Purpose of Relief Society,” Julie B. Beck, Relief Society General President, General Relief Society Meeting Sept 28, 2008

This past weekend I was out of town attending a conference with my husband and was unable to watch the General Relief Society Meeting.  So, this week, with what time I have, I would like to study the talks given in that conference.

The first talk by Sister Julie Beck, president of the Relief Society, was about the purposes of the relief society and how we can, individually, fulfill those purposes.

Often, I think, we can get too wrapped up in the small stuff of going to church each week and forget what it is all really about.  The thing I loved most about reading this talk is that it brought to our attention what the big things are.  I found it refreshing and motivating to me, personally, become a better member of Relief Society.

The purpose of the Relief Society is to, “Organize, teach, and insprie His daughters to prepare them for the blessings of eternal life.”

Sister Beck then listed three responsibilities all women have as part of the Relief Society.  They were:

  • Increase in Faith and Personal Righteousness
  • Strengthen Families and Homes
  • Serve the Lord and His Children

I like how she emphasized the responsibilities each of us have instead of the blessings we may receive.  I think we often find it easier to focus on what we should get instead of what we should give.

This past week we discussed in our family some possible changes that would have a huge effect on our financial situation.  Nothing was certain yet, but as I considered what these changes would mean in a practical sense, I got a little wrapped up in the material things.  As I was reading this talk it was brought home to me that no matter what happens, my greatest work and responsibility will be the spiritual strength I provide for my family.

Today I am going to make a chart for our family scripture reading.  I wrote a couple weeks ago about how I was leaving on a trip (which I just got back from today) but that I felt that it was important to no longer procrastinate organizing our family scripture study and family prayer.  So, that is what I am doing today, as part of my respnonsibility as a member of the Relief Society.

What did you enjoy of Sister Beck’s talk?  How do you fulfill your responsibilities as a member of the Relief Society.


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