Preach My Gospel

Reading: Preach My Gospel (PDF), “Preach My Gospel – The Unifying Tool Between Members and Missionaries,” Erich W. Kopischke, Liahona, November 2007

A couple days ago I resolved to read Preach My Gospel.  I am planning on buying a copy once I get back home, but yesterday I asked to look at my brother’s copy.  I was very surprised by how much information was in the book.  The lessons they teach to investigators is only a small part.  Most of the book is about how to be a misisonary, with information on how to study, how to teach, how to relate to people, and so on.

In the above talk Kopischke talks about how powerful a tool Preach My Gospel is in the mission field.  He encourages members to read the book in order to become better member missionaries.  I haven’t yet had the oppourtunity to do more than to look through the book, but just looking at the heading I’m sure reading the book would be a powerful help to anyone wanting to be better, period.

The following is the names of each chapter of the book:

  • What is My Purpose as a Missionary?
  • How Do I Study Effectively and Prepare to Teach?
  • What Do I Study and Teach? (includes the four lessons for investigators)
  • How Do I Recognize and Understand the Spirit?
  • What Is the Role of the Book of Mormon?
  • How Do I Develop Christlike Attributes?
  • How Can I Better Learn My Mission Language?
  • How Do I Use Time Wisely?
  • How Do I Find People to Teach?
  • How Can I Improve My Teaching Skills?
  • How Do I Help People Make and Keep Commtiments?
  • How Do I Prepare People for Baptism and Confirmation?
  • How Do I Work With Stake and Ward Leaders?

I am very much looking forward to reading more from Preach My Gospel once I get my own copy.  My resolution for today is the same as a couple days ago: read Preach My Gospel, only louder.

Have you read Preach My Gospel?  What benefits did you gain from it?


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