Areas of Missionary Preparation

Reading:”The Field is White Already to Harvest,” Gordon B. Hinckley, Liahona, April 1987

Sorry about the lack of posts for the past two days.   I have been on the road to California.  My brother comes home from his mission this afternoon and I get to be there at the airport when he arrives.

This talk by President Hinckley is a little older and focuses on the different areas where a missionary should prepare.  The ones he list include:

  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Social
  • Financial

I found especially interesting this statement about financial preparation for missionaries:

We urge adherence to the rule of missionary support which has been in effect from the beginnings of the Church—namely, that it is the responsibility of the individual and the family to provide support for the missionary. This must be encouraged, even though there may necessarily be some delay in departure. Better that a young man delay his mission for a year and earn money toward his support than that he rely entirely on others.

He also quoted a young man who listed ten things he did to help prepare for his mission.  They included things like participating in scouting, teaching primary, taking part in family home evening, and so on.  When I asked my husband what he did to prepare for his mission, he also stated that he had done many things throughout his whole life that helped him to prepare.

Right now I am just starting out as a mom.  What I have learned for me, from this talk, is that I should be preparing my children, especially my sons (when/if I have some), for missionary work from the time they are very young.  Of course, I also will be preparing them to go to the temple and to be parents themselves.

How do you help your kids prepare for a mission?  What did you parents do that helped prepare you for a mission?


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