Learn Commitment

Reading: “My MTC: Missionary Training Commitment,” C. Scott Grow, New Era, March 2008

Continuing with my theme of missionary preparation, today I read a talk by Elder C. Scott Grow on just that. In the talk he lists several ways he recommends to prepare for a mission.  These include:

  • Pick the best friends, and live gospel standards
  • Be determined
  • Be guided by prayer
  • Know the Savior and His prophets

One thing I have been asked specifically to mention is how by brother prepared for his mission.  When Elder Grow mentioned how being passionately involved in something helped him to develop commitment and to learn to work hard, I instantly thought of all things my brother did both in high school and college that taught him the same thing.  He was deeply involved in the music program in high school, where he had to put many many hours into rehearsing and performing.  In college, he was actively involved as a volunteer for a service organization at Snow College.  He has always been a hard worker, and you can see in his letters how he applied the same kind of commitment to his mission.

Now comes the part where I apply this to myself.  I keep trying to draw parrallels between motherhood and missionary work because I haven’t gone on a mission, and this blog is supposed to be all about personal application.  This is one thing I think you can equally apply to being a mother.  Moms also require a lot of work and commitment.  I can definitely see how the activities I was involved in helped prepare me to be willing to work hard as a mom.

I can’t really think of a take away from today’s talk, except that it is important to encourage my own children to participate in these kinds of extracurricular activities.  Sometimes people try to get involved too much, but we shouldn’t just avoid all of them, but rather learn to balance.

What kinds of things did you do as a kid that helped prepare you for activities later in life?


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