Home Making

Reading: D&C 88:118-126, especially verse 119, and BD Temple

We moved.  It was a lot of work.  It still is a lot of work, as I try to get my home unpacked and organized.

So, as I am getting settled into a new home, I am lead to ponder about the role of the home in our lives.  In the Bible Dictionary under temple, it states that only the home can rival the sacredness of the temple.  It always amazed me that our homes are comparable in sacredness to our most sacred place.

So, how can I make our home more like a temple, and honor its sacredness?  In D&C 88:118-126, the Lord instructs the early Saints on what a temple should be like.  In those verses the following things are listed:
– Seek learning
– Organized (literally in the sense of making an organization, not organizing your stuff, but it seems that is also good)
– Prepared with every needful thing
– Prayer
– Fasting
– Faith
– Glory
– Order
– God
– Incomings and outgoings in the name of the Lord
– Salutations in the name of the Lord
– Cease from light speeches, (loud, rude) laughter, lustful desires, pride, and light-mindedness
– Let one speak at a time
– Love one another
– Learn to impart to one another
– Not idle, unclean, or critical
– Arise early and go to bed early
– Charity
The one verse that is truly dealing with temples is verse 119, which talks about the house of prayer, fasting, faith, learning, glory, order, and God.  But, all of these things I listed seem like good qualities of a good home.  A home where people work hard, love and respect each other, and are learning about God seems to me to be the kind of home God would want me to have.

So, how can I encourage these things in my own home?  Two things come to mind.  First, I can make my home a house of order by making things orderly and tidy.  I believe strongly that there are many things more important than having a spotless house, but I also have observed that when my home is in good order everyone is happier and everything seems better.

Second, I can be more positive about things.  I can do this by growing my testimony and by focusing myself on Jesus Christ.  As the homemaker of my house, I also have often observed that when I am feeling down and depressed, everybody else gets grumpy too.  When I am happy and positive my attitude seems to rub off on others a lot more than their attitude rubs off on me.  Maybe that is just my house, but there is the saying, “When Mom’s not happy, nobody’s happy, ”  so there must be some truth in other homes too.  As I have observed in several entries a few weeks ago, the best way to be happy is to focus on Jesus Christ in my daily life.

The two things I listed are what I feel would be most helpful for me, personally.  What do you do in your home to help it be more sacred?  What could you do to improve the sacredness of your home?


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