A Balance in Our Prayers

Reading: Gospel Topics (from the lds.org website) – Prayer

The reason I started blogging about my scripture study is that I felt I was not getting much out of my reading each day, other than the ability to say that I had read.  Sometimes, I feel the same way about prayer.  I offer traditional prayers at the appropriate times, or an informal prayer at a time of need, but I feel like I could be getting a lot more out of it than I do.  So, today I sought out more information on prayer.

In the Gospel Topics overview from lds.org, it lists several aspects of prayer we should be doing:

  • Make our prayers meaningful
  • Use language that shows love, respect, and closeness
  • Always give thanks to Heavenly Father
  • Seek Heavenly Father’s guidance and strength in all we do
  • When we make a request through prayer, we must do all we can to assist it being granted

Often, when I am praying a problem I make one of two mistakes.  Sometimes I just cursorily mention the problem but don’t really have faith that God will help me because I am so absorbed in how I will fix the problem.  Other times, I pray for help for something and then just expect God to give me the answer without enough work.  Often, it is hard to find a balance between the two extremes.

Right now we are working on finding a new apartment.  Our financial situation has changed, so we are looking for something smaller and cheaper until my husband is able to finish his last few semesters of school.  I definitely have been praying for help on this, but I think because there are so few apartment available right now and I feel like it will be something of a miracle if we find something as good as we hope, I have been waiting for some miraculous sign of what to do.  So, I’m going to resolve to keep praying about it but also to try to think about it more logically than I have been and really figure out what I think is best before I go to God for confirmation.

How do you find the balance between having faith that God will help, but also making sure you are doing your part of the work?


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