Weaknesses As Strengths

Reading: “Finding Strength in Christ,” Michael D. Barnes, BYU Devotional July 1, 2008

This devotional was another great piece on perfectionism and dealing with our weaknesses.

One thought shared by Barnes was the idea that we should not ask that our weaknesses simply be taken away from us.  Rather, our weaknesses are a gift to help us on our path to perfection.  Through weaknesses, he says, we will be made stronger.

While listening to this talk (I subscribe to the BYU recent speeches podcast, and that is how I found it) I also thought of a quote I shared yesterday while doing my visiting teaching.  Preident Elder Lorenzon Snow said,

We believe that we are the offspring of our Father in heaven, and that we possess in our spiritual organizations the same capabilities, powers and faculties that our Father possesses, although in an infantile state, requiriing to pass through a certain cours or ordeal by which they will be dveloped and improved according to the heed we give to the principles we have received.

That quote made me think of my own little daughter who is just learning to crawl.  While she is definitely my daughter, and will definitely someday will be able to walk (providing there are no accidents), in the meantime she must work very hard to develop the skills that will lead her to that ability. It is not just simply given to her, but rather she must work constantly for months before she will able to master that ability.

Likewise, for us, we have weaknesses now that will help us as we work towards perfection.  When we humbly seek help for those weaknesses, rather than trying to force them out of their lives, they will help us rather than hinder us.  Over time and through much effort we will eventually become like God, provided we don’t fall into sin.  Just like over time and through much effort my daughter will someday walk and talk, provided she does not encounter some physically debilitating accident.

I talk about perfectionism a lot because it is a big weakness of mine.  I am not very patient, and I want everything to be better right now.  Today I’m going to try to be more patient, with myself and with others.

What weaknesses do you have that have also helped you to grow in some way?  If you feel comfortable sharing, drop a note in the comments.  Or, you’re welcome to share whatever other thoughts you have on the topic.


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