Reading: “Patience, A Heavenly Virtue,” President Thomas S. Monson, Ensign, September 2002

It just came to my attention that there are several older posts that I never published.  So, there will be several posts appearing today but they are from past day’s studies.

Inspired by yesterday’s pondering of patience, today I read a beautiful piece by President Monson on patience.  Patience, he says, is important for us as we go through times of difficulty.  If we trust in the Savior, then we will be able to endure with patience bad things that happen.

One statement he made that I appreciated was,

If the only perfect man who ever lived—even Jesus of Nazareth—was called upon to endure great suffering, how can we, who are less than perfect, expect to be free of such challenges?

If Christ is our example of a perfect being, and he suffered so much, both in the Atonement and just in his ministry, then can we become perfect without pain?  We must have problems in order for us to become perfect, as Michael Barnes talked about yesterday.

Another thing I realized as I was reading this is that as I learn more about the Savior and his teachings, I have more patience with myself, others, and life events.  When I understand the purpose of life and the Atonement, the things that once seemed so hard and frustrating become mere side notes on the path of life.

Today, yet again, I am on my way out of town to visit family for the weekend.  So, today, I’m taking a more practical application of today’s reading.  Not long ago a woman speaking on time management said that when you are patient you use your time much more effectively because you are more able to deal with things as they are.  So, today, I’m not going to pull my hair out trying to get everything done as fast as I can.  Rather, I am going to be patient and just be happy with whatever I am able to do before we leave.

What helps you to be more patient?  Is there an area where you want to be more patient?


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